Casa Quinchon

Casa Quinchon es the new home for creative industries, offering its users an innovative, functional 21st century design for individuals passionate about what they do.

We understand the needs of creative minds and have created an experience to meet them.

House of more than 80 business.

More than 140 events related to entrepreneurship, culture, workshops, creativity, and entertainment held at Casa Quinchon in 2018.

Connect Cowork

Connect Cowork is located on the second and third levels of Casa Quinhcon, it is the largest coworking space in Honduras. Here, entrepreneurs and creatives find flexible workspaces that fit according to their needs.
One of the biggest attractions of coworking is the community. That is why, regularly, Connect organizes entrepreneurship, networking, leisure, art, and culture events.
For the entrepreneur who works from home, the consultant who meets in a cafe with his clients or those who have no more interaction than with his computer, the possibilities of human connections are often important to establish relationships and share knowledge.


La Rampa

Located on the first level of Casa Quinchon, El Mercado La Rampa was born out of the need to provide a space for all talented culinary entrepreneurs who do not have a place to express their passion for food.
In the same way, La Rampa provides a pleasant environment to spend with family or friends and to be able to taste delicious dishes for the entire Center community.

Culinary Entrepreneur Businesses



Local Chains